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PO Box 1748, Fayetteville, NC 28303

I Hire Military

The North Military Business Center (NCMBC) created and launched “I Hire Military” as an initiative to alert North Carolina employers of the value of hiring transitioning military and personnel and family members and provide a forum for employers to designate themselves as military friendly employers.

The goal in North Carolina is to grow jobs, expand our economy, expand our tax base and provide better quality of life for everyone in our state – military and civilians.

A key component of expanding existing industries and attracting new businesses is a capable and ready workforce. Our transitioning military personnel and military family members represent a viable resource to support the workforce requirements expanding business capacity.

Businesses in North Carolina who agree to the below compact will receive the “I Hire Military” logo to proudly display on their website and social media sites.

The “I Hire Military” initiative is designed to supplement existing workforce resources for the hiring of transitioning military and spouses including NCWorks, NC4Me and other programs.  The NCMBC encourages employers interested in hiring military to utilize those resources for hiring of military transitioning personnel.


As a participant in the “I Hire Military” campaign this business believes:

This Business pledges:

The North Carolina Military Business Center will maintain a registry of businesses who have agreed to this compact and pledged to hire military whenever possible and practical.

If you agree to the above compact, please complete this short form: